RD Ventures


We have an experienced team who are constantly searching for interesting projects. These tend to derive from inbound/outbound deal flow through social media, attending hackathon events, talking to founders, other investors.

Once we have identified an interesting project, we will then go through an in-depth due diligence process before reaching out to the team and scheduling a call. If we are impressed with the team during the call, and have articulated a clear vision of how their blockchain technology will provide immense value towards the growth of the whole ecosystem, we will arrange another meeting and conduct some additional checks through references. We will also discuss the project internally before making a decision to move forward or pass on the deal.

If both parties are happy and there is a clear synergy, we will proceed to agree on an allocation at seed or private funding round prices.

We are extremely active in the blockchain ecosystem, but at the same time very prudent with the projects we invest in. Our remit is to invest early in long term top class tier 1 projects.

We support our portfolio companies in the following area:


We have a sister company called RD Auditors, which has extensive experience in Smart Contract Auditing, Penetration Testing and KYC services for Blockchain projects. 


We enable early-stage projects to tap into our pool of expertise professionals, covering legal specialists, developers, designers, brand awareness, marketing… 


We assist projects with evergreen influencers, providing value to projects over a longer perspective, through mediums such as YouTube, Twitter, Podcasts….


Projects will go through various phases in the growth of their company. We assist with strategic partnerships, pre/post launch.

You can reach us through any of the relevant links in the footer of our website or alternatively via email: info@rdventures.io